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Educational Institution Employment Law

Representation For Education Employees

Are you an employee or ex-employee of a public school district or institution that has had difficulty with your employment? Have you been reassigned or suspended pending an investigation? Are you the subject of an investigation? Have you been non-reappointed or advised that you will be? Do you have a disability that requires accommodations?

Employment law in the public sector can be confusing and is different than private-sector employment. You may have rights that are included in a collective bargaining agreement (union contract), in federal or state law. Your employer may have policies that govern the process and procedure regarding the discipline of employees. If you are a teacher or administrator, you may have rights that are granted to you by the type of employment contract you currently possess.

Employment Law Counsel To Meet Your Needs

Windsor Law LLC has extensive experience in the areas of labor law and employment law in the public education sector. If you believe you may be the subject of an investigation or have been informed that you are under investigation, the time to get legal counsel is now. Don’t wait until it is too late. School districts and other institutions expect you to know your rights. They will not provide you with advice once you are the subject of an investigation.

Florida law, union contracts and local policies are replete with technical references that govern public education employment that can work to your advantage if you have the proper assistance and counsel to lead you in the right direction. Our firm has a former school board lawyer who has litigated labor and employment matters from the school district side and who can now use that experience in your case to obtain the best possible outcome.

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