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This is a letter of recommendation for Jane Windsor Esq., of the Windsor Law LLC.

At the time we first consulted with Attorney Windsor our son Christopher was failing all of his tests resulting in below average grades. Ms. Windsor was able to look at our son's school records, his standardized testing scores and did some of her own testing to quickly figure out why he was not passing his tests. Over the next few months with Attorney Windsor's continuous support and her expert guidance and testing recommendations, we were able to accomplish the 504 Accommodation our son needed to succeed in school.

With her dedication and experience, Attorney Windsor was able to recognize Christopher's learning capabilities. She was instrumental in getting him tested with the right physicians, and it was determined and documented that he is an auditory learner. Attorney Windsor recommended an extraordinary tutor and together they advocated on Christopher's behalf, met with School Officials, and were successful with implementing an individualized learning program for Christopher to have in place to ensure his success in all future testing.

It is my pleasure to recommend Jane Windsor, Esq. She truly understands the frustration of parents and children and strongly advocates for her students, like our son, so the schools can teach to the children's ability.

Christy O.


At a time in my life when I found myself in a very difficult and emotional situation, Attorney Windsor provided solid legal advice and treated my protection as her number one priority. She redefined my view on what a great lawyer stands for. She offered comfort and clarity while executing a strong case for what was just. I would highly recommend Attorney Windsor for any legal situation you may encounter.

Ms.Windsor, Thank you and your team for your compassion, attention to detail and taking the time to address my concerns through this harrowing time in my life. You and your team are a credit to the legal industry!

Stephanie C.


This is a letter of reference for Jane Windsor, Esq. Ms. Windsor was instrumental in obtaining appropriate accommodations for my son Jake, whom has dyslexia while he attended college. Jake was attending a private school that had no idea he was legally entitled to accommodations because of his condition. The administration at this private college thought that only state run colleges had to make appropriate adjustments if an individual had disabilities.

Attorney Windsor met with my son after reviewing his medical records, and advised him what to say to school officials. She also provided him with software to use to learn on his own, taught him how to request those needed services, and the software he needed to have the school put in place for his exams. Jake went from failing tests to passing them, with a few at the top of his class!

In addition, Ms. Windsor coordinated all materials needed to successfully obtain Jake's accommodations with the FL DOH. Jake was granted double time during testing and a reader to ensure he understood the questions and potential answers. Jake was able to pass his final exam and his national board exam on his first sitting! Many of his classmates without any disabilities failed their board exam.

Needless to say, it is my pleasure to recommend the Windsor Law LLC to any parent or student because of Attorney Windsor's vast knowledge, attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication to help those that deserve to be treated fairly given their circumstance.

Mike D.


When going through a divorce, or anything involving a child for that matter, it's always very difficult to choose someone who cares as much about the process and child as you do. Jane is that person. I never could have moved through the system and visualized the light at the end of the tunnel knowing my daughter would be safe and cared for within the legal system without Jane. She was very dedicated to helping navigate through a very high conflict situation and unusual situation. Usually it's not the father fighting to protect his child but in this case it was and Jane had some hurdles to overcome. Also, she was up against a very powerful litigious firm and she never backed down. Strong, focused and mighty.

When you have someone or something your very passionate about make sure the person you hire is just as passionate because without that energy you can never feel protected and satisfied. Thank you Jane for your professionalism and working with such a hard headed, strong willed person to un-fog the system and create a direction to protect a child without a voice. We only get one chance in this world to make a lasting impression and I will always remember your dedication, focus and sincere knowledge in your practice to help protect those who deserve and need it.

Brian S.


Having worked with lawyers over many years in a variety of capacities, Jane Windsor stands out and renews my hope that lawyers too can change with the times. Ms Windsor listens, she hears your concerns with a compassionate heart, she is bright, knows how to cut to the point, she's funny when things get tough and she gets results. These attributes' are important when tough issues come into play in one's life. I haven't had anything harder to work through than when my mom needed support and protection in her elder years. I am very thankful that Attorney Windsor crossed my path at this time of need.

Amy L.

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