Help When Your Child Has Dyslexia

Pursuing Special Help When Your Child Has Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disability (LD) characterized by problems getting from the words on the page to the sounds of the spoken language. Children with dyslexia struggle to learn letters and their sounds, spelling and number facts. And when they finally start reading, they have trouble reading quickly enough to comprehend facts.

They are left feeling inadequate because they can’t seem to master a fundamental life skill – reading – that their classmates master with relative ease. So, to avoid looking dumb or careless in school, they develop all kinds of coping mechanisms to cover up their reading and language deficiencies. At the office of Windsor Law LLC, we have advocated for numerous students with dyslexia and can help you seek the educational help your student needs and deserves.

Figuring Out The Specific Issue

What is often called dyslexia is really a difficulty in a number of skills. These difficulties together add up to the blanket term dyslexia. But they are always a little different for different people. That’s why it’s best to figure out what the exact problems are. Thankfully, these problems are typically not that hard to fix. It just takes a little knowledge.

How Dyslexia Can Affect Students

Some of the signs and symptoms of dyslexia include:

  • Difficulty learning to recognize words
  • Difficulty in pronouncing complex words
  • Difficulty learning to decode unknown words
  • Reads slowly and/or word by word
  • Difficulty spelling
  • Slow to learn the sounds of letters and letter combinations
  • Difficulty with rapid recall of sounds of letters and letter combinations
  • May be very strong verbally, with a good vocabulary and speech, but have trouble reading and/or spelling
  • May know the answers to written tests, but get them wrong because of the reading component
  • Discrepancy between auditory and visual performance

Attorney Jane Windsor has worked with numerous medical and educational experts in seeking solutions to learning problems. If your child requires psychological or educational testing, our Sarasota law firm is ready to help.

If Reading Is Difficult, Call Our Firm

Your child should not have to suffer from a disability that can be overcome. Discuss your needs with our educational attorney who can protect your child’s rights and advocate for the special teaching assistance they need. Call the law office at 941-487-7527, or send us an email request with the details of your concern today.