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What We Do

Our purpose is to help your student achieve their maximum potential by assuring that educational institutions provide the appropriate support and accommodations required by law.

Windsor Law LLC has over 10 years of experience with all types of federal, state and local regulations defining the rights of special needs children and adults, and how educational support must be provided.

We always hope for the best; however, many school systems lack the resources needed to respond adequately to those regulations, and legal action by an attorney often ends up as the only remaining solution to obtaining appropriate support.

We Believe Your Student’s Future Is Determined Now!

The essential first step in obtaining correct educational support is a face-to-face meeting, an Advisory Consultation with parents, adult students or guardians to determine the specific problems and issues to be addressed. This meeting will help us propose an initial strategy on the best methods to obtain the needed individual support.

Second, a key to obtaining the right action is providing initial and periodic testing, by a credentialed facility recognized by the school system. This will validate the specific criteria the school needs to provide the proper resources. Windsor Law LLC can guide parents through this testing and evaluation process.

Third, we can enter into an annual supporting partnership enabling us to investigate any complaints and mediate fair solutions to provide optimum results. We guide you through the initial process of successfully gaining the right support, we equip parents with the resources unique to the student to help them engage the in-school programs, plus we can provide continuous monitoring of school programs. Often, changing school staffing or guidelines can threaten consistent delivery of the required support, and additional intervention is required.

Last – and only when absolutely necessary – we will represent parents or a student in a Due Process Complaint, Office of Civil Rights Complaint or appropriate civil litigation to enforce compliance or see other legal remedies. Because this is costly, we only go this route when there is no other reasonable alternative.

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