Education Law That Changes Lives


Our past clients are among our most effective marketing tools. Here are some compliments we’ve received from those we have helped.

Simply amazing. This entire team is absolutely STELLAR! Amy, such a pleasure to deal with when you are getting to understand the entire process. So compassionate, kind and caring when I needed the support the most. She quickly aligned me for a consultation with Jane, who was so knowledgeable and helpful in understanding my case and deciding who was to best manage it. Mitch was truly God’s sent. Whatever I say here is nothing compare to everything I wish I can put in words, EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, INTELLIGENCE, KIND. He managed my case with such passion that it felt as if it was his own child he was representing. I saw how he gave his full self to the case without limits. I am grateful beyond words because he fought my case from the mind and from the heart and it was shown throughout the entire process. This team is so affordable compared to all of the work and time they dedicated to my case. I highly recommend them for education cases as they are best in class in the entire Florida and Sarasota Area. Dont hesitate to hire this A team.


Mitch and Jane are the best! From the first consultation with them they took the time to really listen and offer their support. Mitch has helped me out tremendously with getting back on track with my education. Aside from being an amazing attorney, he truly cares about his clients and will do everything he can to take care of you. Mitch is very responsive and is always very easy to reach when needed. I highly recommend retaining this firm for your educational legal needs!


Attorney Jane Windsor operates with the utmost professionalism and compassion for her clients and their families. From the first consultation, she took the time to carefully explain our options and potential courses of action. She walked with us every step of the way and used her powerful insight and experience to get results. Her office and staff are very responsive and on top of every last detail. A great staff often makes as much of a difference as the attorney herself. I am incredibly grateful we found Windsor Law and that our child has secured the access he needs to succeed. We certainly could not have done it without Attorney Jane and her team.


Best decision I have ever made for my child’s education!!! I can say that I fought for services and an IEP unsuccessfully for seven years for my son with several disabilities. We finally found Jane and Mitch and Windsor Law, LLC and they did not disappoint. I only wish I found them sooner. Not only did my son get his IEP and everything he had always needed in his education but they did it with the upmost professionalism and knowledge. They truly care about your child and did go above and beyond. They taught me how to advocate effectively in the future as well. I learned so much that is invaluable to my child’s education. He is thriving now because of Windsor Law, LLC and we are forever grateful as a family. I would recommend this firm to anyone with education needs from elementary school all the way through college. Also, I recommend them for any professional complaints that would need to be filed such as state, federal, school personnel complaints, ect. This is a firm that really invest themselves in their clients to give you the best results. I can’t say enough good things about them and I will continue to use them in the future if anything were to ever come up again. Thank You Windsor Law.


We were told by an IEP advocate and another attorney that our IEP goal for our son was not achievable because the school district just would not agree to the eligibility designation to which we knew our son was legally entitled. But Jane recognized the incredible person our son is and the support he needed in order to be best supported. Jane and her staff guided us on the path, worked collaboratively with the school district, and achieved the best eligibility determination for our son. Jane understands the students and she knows how to get the results the students need to be well supported. We are grateful for Jane’s help.


The work done by Jane and the firm, as well as our attorney in particular (Mitch), was extremely helpful and the fact that the staff took their time to follow up with us and encourage us to reach out with any issues made all the difference.

I would highly recommend this firm to anyone experiencing legal issues related to the education of their child.


Jane and Mitch are the best! They helped me sort through some school problems and helped me find an easy solution. They are both caring and understanding and only want what’s best for me and not my money. I felt like I had been friends with them for a long time. I appreciate them so much and would recommend them to everyone and anyone! Thank you both so much! Hope to run into you again one day!


I retained the services of Windsor Law to help with the resolution of an issue with a university that is part of the state university system in Florida. Through Ms. Windsor’s successful negotiation with university personnel, we were able to come to an agreement over a long-standing dispute that resolved the issue once and for all with the desired outcome. Without her expertise and guidance, I feel that the issue would never have been resolved as we had made numerous attempts to come to some agreement on our own. Thank you Windsor Law for making this favorable outcome possible. I would highly recommend the services of this firm to anyone having issues in the field of education.


My son is neurodivergent and is a student in a middle school in rural Florida in the middle of the state. Jane and Mitch met with myself and my son over zoom and listened to our case. They gave advise and coordinated a strategy to manage his manifestation meeting after the school had disregarded his IEP. Mitch sat in on the meeting via Teams. He was supportive, calming, but also direct in and firm in his approach. He anticipated what the school would attempt to do and orchestrated a resolution where the school was working with us in finding ways to ensure academic success for my son. As a single parent with two autistic kids I could not have afforded their services and they knew it. Subsequently they worked with my budget and tailored their services to the needs of my son – their client at a price I could realistically manage.


Mitch Teitelbaum Esq. is an outstanding attorney with expertise in law relating to education. He has been working with me to restore a student’s medically necessary accommodations that were abruptly limited in her final year of college. He promptly answers every call and email with kindness and thoroughness, and works to avoid unnecessary expenditure and litigation, which is quite rare among legal professionals. As an educator, mom and former university administrator, I deeply appreciate the depth of his understanding, and the gracious manner with which he supports clients. I highly recommend Mitch Teitelbaum Esq. and Windsor law.


Windsor Law firm is a top-notch Special Education law office. I was in desperate need to have my children’s IEPs followed and for my kids to be placed in an appropriate school program for their needs. Jane and her team worked hard to make sure that the school district did what was right for my children. Her team responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner. Not only that but were able to turn things around for my children. Jane truly cares about her client’s needs. She is trustworthy and well versed in Special Education law. I highly recommend Windsor Law for any special education representation.


Jane Windsor of Windsor Law is an amazing attorney and education advocate for your child. I had the good fortune to have Jane for 2 years. She worked tirelessly for my child in both public and private school system. She was present at every IEP meeting and is a great negotiator, advocating for whatever is needed for accommodations and services. Apart from attorney skills Jane is a wonderful caring person, dedicated to what she does. She was always available and I am glad to have found her and would highly recommend her.


Attorney Jane Windsor’s is one of the most genuine attorneys I have ever met.I have been impressed with her from the first conversations we had . I realized I’m dealing with a professional who understand kids and circumstances. Jane goal is to help your child to succeed . she is not looking at the income she will get out of the case , but how she can help your child to succeed. She has solved problems that we been having for years with our son and schools. Jane helped us to find a creative solutions for our child best interest. She is detailed oriented and attentive to her clients. It’s been a pleasure working with her
In my opinion She is an amazing person and attorney ,I highly recommend hiring her . my child is a happy kid and we are as parents without her assistance it wouldn’t have happened. Thank you Jane I greatly appreciate you !!


My family was pleased and extremely satisfied with the services provided by Attorney Jane Windsor. My son’s Middle School attempted to suspend my son or transfer him to Triad in lieu of Expulsion for his 8th grade year.. Thanks to Jane, she was able to reach an agreement to send him to one of the Charter Schools. My son who has ADHD impulsively did something dumb that was not appropriate as a student. However, he did not do anything violent or drugs. The punishment directed by the School was excessive in comparison to the offense he committed. In addition to Jane arranging the optional middle school for my son, she provided tutoring options to help my son improve his academics as he was behind. The charter school greatly helped my son catch up with his academics and he was ready for High School. He did great in High School and even qualified for Bright Futures. He is currently in College and doing extremely well. Jane Windsor is more than an attorney. She is friendly, compassionate, and empathetic, She cares about the children that are her clients and does the best that she can to set them on the path to success. We are so grateful that we found Jane Windsor. My son’s future would not be on the right tract without her help.


An Unstoppable Team

Attorney Windsor, Amy, Jeanne and Nick are truly an unstoppable team who change lives. As a graduate student with significant student debt and my diploma in jeopardy, my situation was dire. Attorney Windsor and her team combatted the calamitous circumstances with compassion, tenacity and ingenuity. This was especially impressive as I had initially contacted the team during the holidays, a time in which most offices shut their doors. I was amazed by the prompt response from all team members, including Attorney Windsor.

Attorney Windsor is highly knowledgeable and efficacious; this is evident in her excellent record with previous cases. What truly sets her apart from her competitors is her passion for advocating for the most vulnerable. She fought for my rights as a student with the intensity and zeal that one would for their own child. For that reason, my story ended in success instead of tragedy.

Attorney Windsor has experience working with attorneys throughout the state, from elementary to collegiate counsel. With her prior experience comes a knowledge of how the opposing counsel typically operates and the most advantageous legal strategy to employ next. Attorney Windsor balances maintaining professionalism, even when the opposing counsel does not, while still fiercely advocating for her client.

It is difficult to be brief when the effect Attorney Windsor and her team had on my life is so immensely positive. Instead of succumbing to unfair circumstances, Attorney Windsor empowered me to regain control of my life and future career. If you want to meet tragedy with triumph, contact Attorney Windsor. You will absolutely not regret it.


Such A Delight To Work With

Attorney Jane Windsor is such a delight to work with, SOOOO down to earth. I came to her completely stressed out with minor son under significant duress , which was multifactorial. This was compounded by him being away at an out of state boarding school for sports, 2500 miles from me. Fatherly instincts told me to go on full defense of my son. Jane was there to bring me into a more clear reality yet protect my son’s interest to the fullest.

Her staff is equally amazing and warm. I felt like I truly had allies that I had known for years. What was clear up from the initial discussions, that Jane was not going to take the case to “make money” off of the client. Jane really did look at everything before committing to helping out. The rates are WELL within reason.

I enjoyed the most watching Jane interview my son. Afterwards he felt empowered even being away from his parents. That alone calmed many of my fears. I have my son back at home out of the negative situation, fully whole and happy as he should be. He back to his norm (advanced sports and advanced mathematics), smiling from Ear to Ear. Jane is a Rockstar!

Thanks so much Attorney Windsor!

Dr. Banks

The Right Combination
Jane Windsor, a former grade school teacher turned education attorney, was our first choice to handle our child’s special needs at school. She brings a rare and valued combination of legal knowledge and education system experience. Most importantly, she is 100% dedicated to her clients. We are forever grateful!

JN, Sarasota

Compassion In Action
Jane Windsor was a compassionate advocate for our child. She went above and beyond in every situation to make sure we had the best possible result that was in the best interest of our child and her future. I know that her work made all of the difference. I will be forever grateful to her and will not hesitate to call her again if we ever need assistance with education issues in the future.

MND, Naples

Your Search For Help Is Over
If you have a child struggling with the educational system for any reason, your search for help is over! It is our pleasure to endorse Attorney Windsor to any parent of a child struggling in the education system. She brings a rare combination of deep knowledge, personal experience, attention to detail, utmost professionalism, and most importantly, dedication to help those that deserve to be treated fairly no matter what type or degree of disability, educational category, or grade level.

DG, Sarasota

Excellent Resources
Attorney Jane Windsor’s strong reputation and relationships with other professionals, including pediatricians, counselors, behavioral therapists, child psychiatrists and tutors, can help bring to bear all the resources needed for a child’s academic success.

DG, Sarasota

A Quick Diagnosis
At the time we first consulted with Ms. Windsor, our son was failing all of his tests resulting in below-average grades. Ms. Windsor was able to look at our son’s school records, and his standardized testing scores to quickly figure out why he was not passing his tests. Over the next few months, with Attorney Windsor’s continuous support and her expert guidance and testing recommendations, we were able to accomplish the 504 Accommodation our son needed to succeed in school.

CO, Sarasota

The Definition Of Great
When I found myself in a difficult and emotional situation completing medical school, Attorney Windsor provided solid legal advice and treated my protection as her number one priority. She redefined my view on what a great lawyer stands for. She offered comfort and clarity while executing a strong case for what was just. I would highly recommend Attorney Windsor for any legal situation you may encounter.

Dr. SC, Bradenton

A Confidence Booster
Jane enabled a very strategic process and I witnessed my son find his voice during our meetings. This bumped up his self-confidence exponentially! Attorney Jane’s ethics, expertise, strategy and coaching were best in class! Her sense of urgency and follow-through are impressive. She gives you personal attention while her office personnel ensures the process runs smoothly and timely. Attorney Windsor enabled us with the perfect strategy, resulting in the best-case scenario of all parties involved.

MOM/MG, Cincinnati

She Helps Dreams Come True
Jane, we must personally thank you for making our granddaughter’s dream of obtaining a four-year degree in her chosen field come true. Our granddaughter was able to graduate on May 3 and take part in the ceremonies. Nothing was happening until we found you – and you made it happen. UCF finally made sure that she was able to walk across the stage and receive her diploma. It all happened and just the way we wanted – thanks to you!

GG and DG, Homosassa Springs

Understands The Frustration Of Parents
At the time we first consulted with Attorney Windsor, our son Christopher was failing all of his tests resulting in below-average grades. Ms. Windsor was able to look at our son’s school records, his standardized testing scores and did some of her own testings to quickly figure out why he was not passing his tests. She was instrumental in getting him tested with the right physicians, and it was determined and documented that he is an auditory learner. Attorney Windsor recommended an extraordinary tutor and together they advocated on Christopher’s behalf, met with School Officials, and were successful with implementing an individualized learning program for Christopher to have in place to ensure his success in all future testing.

Christy O.

Comfort And Clarity
At a time in my life when I found myself in a very difficult and emotional situation, Attorney Windsor provided solid legal advice and treated my protection as her number one priority. She redefined my view on what a great lawyer stands for. She offered comfort and clarity while executing a strong case for what was just. I would highly recommend Attorney Windsor for any legal situation you may encounter.

Stephanie C.

Helped My College-Age Son
Jane Windsor was instrumental in obtaining appropriate accommodations for my son Jake, who had dyslexia, while he attended college. Jake was attending a private school that had no idea he was legally entitled to accommodations because of his condition. The administration at this private college thought that only state-run colleges had to make appropriate adjustments if an individual had disabilities.

Ms. Windsor met with my son after reviewing his medical records and advised him what to say to school officials. She also provided him with software to use to learn on his own, taught him how to request those needed services, and the software he needed to have the school put in place for his exams. Jake went from failing tests to passing them, with a few at the top of his class! Jake was able to pass his final exam and his national board exam on his first sitting! Many of his classmates without any disabilities failed their board exam.

Mike D.

Dedicated And Caring
Without Jane, I never could have moved through the system and visualized the light at the end of the tunnel knowing that my daughter would be safe and cared for within the legal system. She was dedicated to helping us navigate a high-conflict and unusual situation. She was up against a powerful, litigious firm, and she never backed down. Thank you, Jane, for your professionalism and for working with such a hard-headed, strong-willed person to unfog the system and create a direction to protect a child without a voice. I will always remember your dedication, focus and sincere knowledge in your practice to help protect those who deserve and need it.

Brian S.