Education Law That Changes Lives

Special Help For Children Who Want To Do Better In School

Our attorney, Jane Windsor, at Windsor Law LLC in Sarasota, knows a little something about education law and the world of testing, learning and assessments from the standpoint of a mother, a teacher and an attorney.

Unique Approach To Guiding Clients

Jane’s practice approach is to look at the problem as a mother first, a former teacher second and then as an attorney to guide her clients through the complicated maze of testing, learning and accommodations.

  • As a Hillsborough County classroom teacher, Jane learned many specialized teaching techniques to help her students achieve their goals and pass their standardized testing. She took time to learn about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to best advocate for her students.
  • As an attorney her approach is three-fold:
    1. Orchestrate the necessary testing for your child. No testing – no special help. Jane has an initial program offering for professional diagnostics. Find the learning process breakdown – find the key to the treasure! (Enthusiastic learning and testing success.)
    2. Navigate children, parents, schools and professionals on the path to academic success.
    3. Advocate when needed, using the legal channels to achieve desired results and/or maintain your child’s academic progress.

Dealing with the students who have special needs results in numerous questions. We answer some of the most common ones here.

Our Mother-Teacher-Attorney Is Ready To Help You

Representing the kids who really need it is what our firm is all about. Let us assist you with committed counsel that helps to inspire academic success. Call our Florida law practice at 941-487-7527 or request a consultation via a convenient email today. We respond promptly to inquiries.