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Testing And Diagnosis For Learning Disabilities In Children

Last updated on September 8, 2023

Education law attorney Jane Windsor recommends that parents take action as soon as they suspect their children may have a learning disability. Why? Because simply obtaining a complete and accurate diagnosis could take up to one year.

Windsor Law LLC is dedicated to helping families in Florida get the testing and diagnoses their children need to improve their learning abilities. The firm works with physicians, psychologists, neuropsychologists and educational specialists in the initial testing phase. Other experts who may be involved in some part of the process may include audiologists, neurologists, speech/language therapists, physical and occupational therapists, and psychiatrists, counselors and social workers.

Helping Provide Valuable Resources

We provide parents with names of doctors and testing resources, but they choose the professionals the child sees. It may be best to check with your insurance company before deciding because some insurance coverage includes learning disability testing. Parents receive a report for each professional to complete.

A child may need multiple tests that we review with our medical/educational specialists. The team will also review the child’s school records. We try to recommend only the tests each child needs. Learning disability tests must be taken every two to three years. Our firm will maintain the records for you.

These tests, as well as the records listed in step 2 below, help attorney Windsor build a case for proving the child has a learning disability and obtaining the accommodations he or she needs.

The firm’s three-part strategy includes:

  1. Initial diagnosis and testing
  2. Annual renewable contract: This includes obtaining the child’s records, doing more tests, and developing classroom, learning, home and study strategies. Clients receive access to our online records. Parents will keep a notebook with a narrative, timeline and exhibits (APGAR scores, immunizations, standardized tests, report cards, etc.).
  3. Advocating for the child: Attorney Windsor will guide the parents and school to making the best decision that is best for the child, including attending IEP and/or 504 meetings and writing reports with testing professionals to get the accommodations your child needs by proving the need statutorily.

If necessary, attorney Windsor will litigate to get clients the specialized services to which they are legally entitled.

While not every client needs step three, it is a crucial element of the services the firm provides. School districts and other educational organizations know that we have the knowledge and skill to make them comply with the law.

When all three steps are followed, rarely is costly and time-consuming litigation ever necessary.

Assisting Students With Special Needs

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