Legal Assistance For Students Headed To College

Legal Assistance For Students Headed To College

Last updated on February 28, 2022

Many students have difficulty transitioning into college and/or completing their education at the college level for a variety of reasons. Some students never realized during their K-12 education that they had learning challenges, therefore, they transition out of high school without the requisite study skills necessary to succeed in college. Now, college may seem almost impossible.

Invisible disabilities such as ADHD or dyslexia may have been undetected until the demands of college make it impossible to ignore that something is off. Other students enter college knowing they are in need of accommodations after having either a 504 or IEP in the past. However, they are having difficulty getting their college to provide accommodations for one of several reasons:

  • Their evaluations are dated and need to be updated to prove the need for those same accommodations in college.
  • The college may be willfully ignoring or denying the student’s request for reasonable and legally allowable accommodations.

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