Learning Disabilities

Skilled Representation For Learning Disability Concerns

Last updated on March 6, 2024

When your student struggles with a learning disability, it can affect the entire family. You may not know how to help them. Our teacher-turned-attorney at the legal practice of Windsor Law LLC can advocate for you. Windsor Law LLC can represent you in seeking solutions to help your student improve at school and become confident for life.

Suggestions For Students And Parents Of Students

For the student with a learning disability, school is difficult. Parents come to us all the time asking what they can do to help their student. The answer is simple – but not always easy.

First, have the student checked to see if they have a learning disability. Getting an accurate diagnosis of the disability is the key to everything else going well. We offer our own testing through a learning specialist to first identify why the student is not successful. Once we have identified there is a processing issue, we can help students effectively get the schools to start the Response to Intervention (RTI) process that gives the student a right to free testing within the school. Then a claim for the services they need through an IEP or 504 Plan to become successful in school can be made.

In some cases, the schools do inadequate testing or they are unwilling to do all the testing necessary to identify the problem. When this occurs, there is often a right for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE). We can also help parents navigate their way through this process.

Second, the parent needs to work cooperatively with the school to ensure their student gets the necessary services to be successful in school. But sometimes the schools are not responsive to providing the services needed. There can be several reasons for this problem.

  • The school is not recognizing the signs of a learning disability in a student that triggers their CHILD FIND duties.
  • The administration is not understanding the need for the specialized instruction and their obligation to provide that specialized instruction necessary to support the student with the tools necessary to improve the student’s performance.
  • The classroom teacher is not qualified with the specialized teaching skills necessary to be effective as is required by law.

Any of the above scenarios creates conflict. When the parents and schools are locked in a conflict, it often gets in the way of solving the problem and addressing the student’s needs.

Advocating On Your Behalf

Windsor Law LLC is skilled in working cooperatively with the schools to help you get the proper match of services to learning needs while at the same time fostering a positive working relationship between parents, students and the schools.

Because as many as one-third of our student population has some form of a learning disability, many students or their parents do not even know the problem exists. For any student, just getting through school is tough. But for a student with an undiagnosed learning disability, it is nearly impossible.

If you are the parent of a student struggling in school, consider letting us help you obtain an accurate diagnosis for your student to see if they qualify for services under the IDEA or ADA. Then let us guide your student to using the necessary strategies to be successful in learning the material. This powerful combination will ensure their success.

Struggling? Let Our Determined Attorney Provide Answers

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