The Difficulties of Learning Disabilities

The Difficulties Of Learning Disabilities

Last updated on March 6, 2024

Even for the adult student with a special education need, who has learned to manage their disability, life is still difficult. Getting through college or a graduate program is especially challenging and sometimes impossible without the support necessary to level the playing field with their nondisabled peers. Most adult learners with one or more of the many recognized disabilities don’t make it successfully without the necessary and legally allowable accommodations available to them under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

In Sarasota at Windsor Law LLC, we understand the unique needs of those with learning disabilities. Allow us to help you find a solution and get the support you need.

An Undiagnosed Disability Can Hinder Achievement

Because as many as one-third of our adult population has some form of a learning disability, many students entering college or graduate programs never recognize they have this problem prior to entering college or graduate programs. For any student, getting through a graduate program or even college requires skills well beyond those necessary to get through grammar school. But for a student with an undiagnosed learning disability, it is nearly impossible absent the appropriate learning strategies and accommodations.

If you are an adult struggling in a Florida college or a graduate program, consider letting us help you obtain an accurate diagnosis to see if you qualify for reasonable accommodations. Then let us guide you to using the necessary strategies to be successful in learning the material.

This powerful combination of an accurate diagnosis, learning strategies and reasonable accommodations will ensure your success.

Helping The Education System Provide For Your Needs

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