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How To Move Forward

Do You Really Need Representation?

Very often, a parent of a student with a learning disability does not know whether they actually need the services of an attorney when educational problems begin to develop at school. For this reason, we offer an Advisory Consultation to parents. This consultation allows the parents to share their concerns with the attorney and together develop a strategy for dealing effectively with the problems. Please call our caring attorney, Jane Windsor.

What Is An Advisory Consultation?

An Advisory Consultation is not legal representation. Instead, it is an opportunity to have your child’s records [or your records if you are an adult student] and educational situation reviewed by an education law attorney. Then the attorney will discuss your child’s [or your] educational needs and provide you with guidance and understanding relative to the applicable legal and educational rights. We work with parents and students to develop a strategy for obtaining appropriate services. By the time the consultation concludes, the parents or students should have a much clearer sense of what needs to be done. In some cases, the parent or individual is then able to advocate for themselves. In other cases, it may be necessary for our Florida office to intervene directly through some form of legal representation.

If you believe that an Advisory Consultation may be beneficial, please proceed to schedule a consultation appointment. Here’s how:

Scheduling A Consultation

If you call our office at 941-487-7527 or email us today and one of our Sarasota staff will discuss your situation with you and help you determine whether an attorney consultation would be appropriate.

Please feel free to share the details with them, as they are under the same rules of confidentiality as the attorney. We wish to be sensitive to you and flexible to arrange a time convenient for you; for example, if you need to meet after normal business hours, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please plan to spend two hours in the consultation.

Preparing For Your Consultation

Providing basic information: You can submit some basic information by filling out our online “Client Information” form.

Note: The Consultation information provided below relates primarily to Special Education Consultations, but there is room for descriptions of other matters. The parent will get the maximum benefit from the consultation by doing the following things prior to coming to the consultation:

  • Fill Out The Client Information Form
  • Bring A Copy Of Any Applicable School And Medical Records