Education Law That Changes Lives

Why A Law Firm Focused On Education?

Fully 30% of our student population has some sort of educational issue. Students, parents of students and their families are often in a great deal of distress because of their struggles in and with schools.

Windsor Law LLC exists to assist students, parents of students and their families. We do this in four ways.

  1. Advisory consultations allow us to gather information and determine if there is a matter for which a legal remedy exists. We experience this level of assistance with our college and beyond students.
  2. Annual partnerships allow us to gather school and medical records to provide accurate guidance for follow-up testing when needed. This includes acute attention to critical issues such as IEPs and 504 plans, and it allows us to get the proper match between the student’s disability and the appropriate school services.
  3. Hourly representation allows us to provide targeted problem-solving for more highly charged events such as Manifestation Determination Review hearings, undeserved changes of a student’s educational placement or other complex educational matters.
  4. Focused representation with the goal of litigation: While we do not like to see students go this route unless absolutely necessary, we have the team in place to handle it and 30 years of education law skills to do it well. We believe litigation should only be used as a last resort after all less costly solutions have first been attempted and failed.

We recognize that our student population must be informed and protected during their education years in order to reach their full potential and become the outstanding citizens we all appreciate. We are here to provide the kind of effective advocacy needed for that to happen.

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