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A Florida law firm founded by a former teacher who is committed to protecting the rights of students, children and families

Strong Advocates With Valuable Experience

Relying solely on the educational system can be frustrating and time-consuming with limited results.

Special education attorney advocate, Jane Windsor investigates parents right to protect their students legal right to the education they are entitled to in order to help them achieve their maximum potential.

Windsor Law helps parents navigate the complex process of getting the appropriate testing, both within and outside of the school system. We also investigate parents’ complaints and mediate disputes with school districts.

We assist:

  • Children in Kindergarten through High School
  • College and graduate school students
  • Adults taking board exams
  • Students with a learning disability. It is critical that they receive help as soon as possible. The earlier they begin, the better they tend do throughout their lives.

We review each case from more than just the legal perspective

Are You Or Your Student Struggling Due To Learning Disabilities?

Are you or your student struggling in school because of learning disabilities or violations of your rights as a student?

Most students or their parents can benefit greatly from the guidance of an attorney who will help to protect the student’s rights under state and federal laws, applicable regulations and local school policies.

Whether you attend college or graduate school, or you have a student with special needs, Windsor Law LLC can help you navigate through the complex educational process to ensure that you or your student receives the support to which you are legally entitled.

Our attorney is current on all of the latest legal provisions that provide parents and students additional and appropriate rights regarding their education.


What Past Clients Say

Such A Delight To Work With

Attorney Jane Windsor is such a delight to work with, SOOOO down to earth. I came to her completely stressed out with minor son under significant duress , which was multifactorial. This was compounded by him being away at an out of state boarding school for sports, 2500 miles from me. Fatherly instincts told me to go on full defense of my son. Jane was there to bring me into a more clear reality yet protect my son’s interest to the fullest.

–  Dr. Banks

The Right Combination

Jane Windsor, a former grade school teacher turned education attorney, was our first choice to handle our child’s special needs at school. She brings a rare and valued combination of legal knowledge and education system experience. Most importantly, she is 100% dedicated to her clients. We are forever grateful!

–  JN, Sarasota

Compassion In Action

Jane Windsor was a compassionate advocate for our child. She went above and beyond in every situation to make sure we had the best possible result that was in the best interest of our child and her future. I know that her work made all of the difference. I will be forever grateful to her and will not hesitate to call her again if we ever need assistance with education issues in the future.

–  MND, Naples

Your Search For Help Is Over

If you have a child struggling with the educational system for any reason, your search for help is over! It is our pleasure to endorse Attorney Windsor to any parent of a child struggling in the education system. She brings a rare combination of deep knowledge, personal experience, attention to detail, utmost professionalism, and most importantly, dedication to help those that deserve to be treated fairly no matter what type or degree of disability, educational category, or grade level.

–  DG, Sarasota

Excellent Resources

Attorney Jane Windsor’s strong reputation and relationships with other professionals, including pediatricians, counselors, behavioral therapists, child psychiatrists and tutors, can help bring to bear all the resources needed for a child’s academic success.

–  DG, Sarasota


An Education Lawyer Who Has Been In Your Shoes

Ms. Windsor is an exceptional lawyer who is a former Florida teacher, a mother with a clear understanding of parenting through the Florida school system, and who has the added experience of advocating for her own educational accommodations.

Guidance From A Personal And Powerful Perspective

Attorney Windsor understands these issues from multiple perspectives. She is a former teacher and an experienced lawyer with a passion for representing those with special needs.

We welcome the opportunity to review your situation with you, answer your questions and recommend how to move forward to help your child. Call 941-584-9510 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We assist residents throughout Florida.

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